Digital Design and Construction – Standing in the future of your facility

This article was first published by Tom Wiley on LinkedIn, you can read the original post here.

At Wiley we have invested in a HTC Vive headset that enables us to wash away the real world and immerse ourselves and our customers into the future of their facilities. The Vive virtual reality headset, in conjunction with our integrated 5D BIM delivery including the model, time and cost information allows us to immerse our customers into the possibilities for their facility like never before with a simple headset.

This exciting technology enables our clients to understand and frankly to live the experience of walking through and interacting with their vision of a new facility or upgrade long before we build it.

As you interact and walk through the virtual surroundings you feel like you are there. Why is this important? All decisions are driven by feelings, so the more accurately we totally immerse you into a realistic environment and experience of being inside the facility, the better and more informed each decision will be as the design and project evolve.

“This creates the most effective environment I have ever experienced so far for evolving your facility design together.”

Digital collaborative design is ever increasing, soon I hope to be meeting in the space being designed with multiple people from multiple places. Imagine putting on a headset and immersing yourself into a place created from merging a scan of your existing facility, google world, proposed design model, project information from 5D BIM and the other meeting guests. This reality and affordable usable technology to support it can’t come soon enough.