Toowoomba region buzzes with potential

The Toowoomba region is rife with possibilities according to the managing director of Queensland’s award-winning engineering and construction company, Wiley.

“This is where it is all happening at the moment – the region is buzzing with ideas and action,” Tom Wiley said.

“It is an exciting time to live, work and invest in the region, particularly for people and businesses involved in the agribusiness sector,” he said.

“The opportunities for agribusiness in southern Queensland have never looked so good and it is thanks to a lot of people who are working very hard to turn ideas into reality.”

Mr Wiley credited the Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise for championing agribusiness with events like the upcoming ‘Ag in the Asian Century’ conference on October 1 and 2.

The inaugural event will explore export and innovation opportunities for Australian agriculture in Asia.

Wiley was an early advocate of the initiative and welcomed the opportunity to provide financial support as a conference partner. It will also host an exhibition stand during the two-day conference.

Toowoomba-based senior engineer for Wiley, Michael Matthewson, is a panelist at the conference on the topic ‘Innovation – The Key to Global Competitiveness’.

“I am really looking forward to this conference and the excellent line-up of world class speakers and panel discussions,” said Mr Matthewson.

“We are learning every day about the opportunities opening up for Australian agriculture in Asia,” he said.

“This conference is a very good place to better understand what those opportunities are and how business and industry can be innovative and work together to make the most of them.

“Wiley works with agribusiness operations such as food processors and manufacturers and we are excited by what these emerging opportunities mean for their long-term productivity and profitability.”

“We are on the cusp of something very special that has huge benefits for the region’s future prosperity.”