The future of LEED


The future of LEED

Scot Horst is the executive for the standards and procedures that make up LEED, the national ratings system for more efficient buildings. He is speaking on this very subject in Toronto at the U.S. Green Building Council’s Greenbuild conference.

He opens with “I want to tell you this story, It’s a 400-year old story.” Then proceeds to tell the story of Prospero and his enemies, of magic and monsters. The story is the Tempest by Shakespeare.He explains to the atttendees as he goes, that the Tempest is not a tragedy, but rather a story of love and redemption and just as Prospero has to fight off his enemies, green building has to battle its own adversaries.

“Prospero creates this storm and responds to the storm — and how he responds makes all the difference,” Horst said from the stage. “We have our own storm. Ours is a storm of consumption.”

Hurst recognises that LEED is indeed a four letter word and how the system itself has become bloated and overcomplicated. Yet, he reamins committed to riding the storm, facing the monsters and leading the charge toward a brand new day, and way.

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