Australia and NZ could double food exports to Asia

According to ANZ insight’s new report, rising food demands have set the table for Australia and New Zealand to become the food bowl for the developing Asian market over the next 30 years.

ANZ insight is a series of client reports that aims to support a conversation about opportunity and the increasingly interconnected nature of business and economic activity in the Asia Pacific region.

This, the third report in the ANZ insight series is entitled ‘Greener Pastures: The Global Soft Commodity Opportunity for Australia and New Zealand.’ It was released on 19 October 2012 and was researched and prepared by Port Jackson Partners.

‘Greener Pastures’ explores the significant opportunity available to Australia and New Zealand agriculture to become a food bowl for a developing Asia by doubling the real value of annual agricultural exports by 2050.

Read more about/download the report at the ANZ website
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